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Showing Humans how beautiful they are

Boudoir is a celebration of you, your Beautiful body and soul.  Boudoir isn’t just for the bride-to-be. It’s for Everyone.  for the human who is learning to love their new body and most importantly for who simply want to feel beautiful and want to celebrate themselves!

There seems to be this idea that people need to be their best selves before they book a boudoir session. I'm here to bust that myth wide open. Boudoir is for everyone and every body! We are so quick to belittle ourselves. But... Imagine if we fell in love with ourselves and remembered just how amazing our bodies are. for all that they are. that is what a boudoir session with Sage and Thyme photo co. is about.

Boudoir Sessions

Collection 3 | $ 2000
30 edited images + 2 hours + HMUA

 we am here to help every step of the way with a one of a kind experience you'll love! From wardrobe assistance, to posing. it is our goal to provide a one of a kind customized experience! we offer a variety of products, including Little black book albums, beautiful wall art, story boxes and more.  

Additional Images and products may be purchased

Collection 2 | $ 1000
25 edited images + 1.5 hours + HMUA

Collection 1 | $ 500
15 edited images + 1 hour

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