Studio Newborn Starting at $600 + Tax

Squishy cheeks, pouty lips, and tiny toes are some of the little details we recall when we reflect on our little ones. You can preserve your little one's "newness" and adorable little features with your very own custom newborn session. 


Your newborn session will be conducted in my professional studio Because let's face it, you have enough to worry about with a new little one. The last thing on your mind should be picking up around the house! At my studio, you will have access to all of the beautiful newborn props and accessories I have to offer. This includes blankets, swaddles, props, and accessories like bows, bonnets, and hats! 


My goal is to provide your family with a relaxing environment and a delightful photography experience. All you have to do is show up, and I'll take care of the rest. You can sit back on my comfy couch and watch  me  work with your baby!


Frequently Asked Questions

Best time to schedule? I recommend scheduling your session at the end of your second trimester or beginning of your third trimester.


Do I need to bring any outfits or props? You are welcome to use the props and outfits I have in the studio. I do encourage you to bring special items such as jewelry and/or family heirlooms that you wish to have incorporated into your session.


How long does a session last?  newborn sessions last 1.5-3 hours.


Can myself, spouse and/or siblings participate? Family members are welcome and encouraged to participate!


How may I gift a session? Are you interested in gifting a session or purchasing a gift certificate? You may purchase a session or a gift certificate, which are available in increments of $25. Ready to give the gift of of photography?! Click here. 


In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Starting at $350 + tax

.  absolutely adore in-home sessions! they get to showcase your brand new family member in the comfort of their own home with their parents, siblings, and pets! your little will change so much very quickly in those first few weeks, so I love being able to capture that brand new goodness for parents in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

I love capturing your new little squish and family using the natural light in your house! We will be embracing your home’s natural beauty and will open up all those window blinds turning off the overhead lights and taking advantage of the natural brightness as much as possible. I’ll get you next to windows  we will take full advantage of the light coming into your house,  Even on the cloudiest (and even rainiest too!) days, you’ll be surprised with how much the outside light comes in to give you the best possible pictures Try and feed your new little  shortly before your session time. This ensures baby has a full belly and will hopefully be happy and cooperative for our session! If you would like any feeding/nursing pictures, we absolutely can do this at the beginning of the session…so hold off feeding babe until I get there and we’ll get some feeding/nursing pics done first! It is also good to remember we are on babies time so there is no pressure. if we need to stop so baby can feed or just needs a break we can absolutely do so.


The best time for in-home sessions are during daylight hours, usually in the morning. starting your session between 10am - 1pm usually gives the best light and happiest little oneSince this is a lifestyle, I am focused on the candid and documentary nature of the session,  You can absolutely round up your own items to incorporate into photos, such as your own swaddles, hats, basket, headbands, outfits, etc… for your little squish. Outfit/blanket changes are absolutely okay and I love when we get some a variety of pictures of your little in different outfits and blankets!  We will truly just be capturing your new life at home with your newest family member! genuine smiles and laughs are what this session is all about!

What to wear? This is totally up to you! I usually suggest neutral colors and that color palate is transitional. ( White, black, tan/beige, grey). I tell moms to pick their outfit first and build others outfits around that. I do encourage moms to wear something comfortable and flowy so as not constricting on their fresh postpartum body. Having a light sweater or cardigan to go over your outfit works well too for pictures. 


How long do newborn sessions last?  Typically between 60-90 minutes. I know how precious that time is those first few weeks after your new addition has arrived, so I don’t want to overtake that for your family. I try and be quick and efficient in getting you all of the love I can in a small amount of time. 


When do we schedule a newborn session? I typically advise parents to schedule as soon as they feel comfortable after birth! Truly, the ‘newer’ the baby, the better the session typically goes.  The younger the baby is typically the sleepier they are  and more cooperative they will be. Sometimes after a few weeks baby acne sets in, scratches appear, etc… I try and encourage in-home sessions as close to birth as possible. Ideally within the first two weeks after birth, but the sooner the better!


Maternity | $485 + Tax

When a woman is pregnant, she radiates energy unlike no other. My job as your photographer will be to capture your pregnancy glow while helping you embrace your inner goddess!


Before your session, Chat  and go over your session. We will talk about what you wish to get out of your session and styling. I recommend you schedule your session during your second trimester and find that maternity sessions are best when conducted between weeks 30 and 35. 


When should I schedule? Between 30 and 36 weeks is an ideal time to photograph your beautiful baby bump! I recommend booking your maternity session no later than the end of your second trimester to ensure proper time to plan your perfect session.


What should I wear? You can choose from the collection of gowns and accessories from my studio or you are welcome to wear your own special outfit. Before your session we will meet at the studio to talk over the details of your session.

Where should I shoot? We can shoot indoors at the studio or explore outdoors. There are great locations to choose from, it just depends on the look that you wish to have. I will travel 40 miles round trip from my home base, outside of a that radius an additional travel fee may apply. 


Can my spouse and/or child(ren) participate? Of course they can! I encourage all family members to participate in your session.


How do I gift a session? Are you interested in gifting a session or purchasing a gift certificate? You may pay for the session itself or purchase gift certificates in increments of $25. Ready to give the gift of photography?! Click here.

Maternity + Newborn Bundle | $895 + Tax ($1,100 Value)
Best Of Both Worlds! The Maternity and Newborn Bundle is perfect for the families That want both sessions but also want to save a little too!  get my maternity session and a choice between Studio or In home newborn. 



Your little one will grow up in a blink of an eye and before you know it they are independent and excessively spunky teenagers. Sitter sessions are the perfect way to look back and remember those chubby cheeks and legs, and their sweet smiles that melt your heart. Your milestone session will include a 30 minute session with 3  beautifully hand retouched images via online gallery, print release and 1 gift print. At the studio or on location. I love to make your photos customized to your child, so let’s incorporate a favorite stuffed animal, color scheme or nursery theme! ** Returning newborn session clients will receive $50 off their sitter session!**


When should I schedule? I recommend scheduling your sitter session when you little one can sit unassisted without falling over. This is approximately between 6 and 9 months old.


Do you offer props? I have props that you may use during your session. Prior to your session we will talk over your session ideas and pick out props from my collection.

Can we shoot our session outdoors? Yes, you are welcome to have your session outdoors as long as the weather permits it!


Cake Smash | $500 + Tax

What better way to celebrate turning one than smashing a cake?! Celebrate you child's special milestone with a custom designed cake smash session. After your little one's smashing good time, they will get clean in a special bubble bath that is super fun, but also a good way to get them all cleaned up! The cake smash session is approximately 60 minutes and includes 2 outfits (typically an outfit before the cake smashing) Your cake smash session will include 10 images delivered via online gallery and 2 gift prints. ** Returning clients  will receive $100 off their cake smash session!**


When should I schedule? I recommend scheduling your little one's cake smash session approximately 6-8 weeks in advance to allow time to plan setup.


Is the cake provided? The cake is not provided for the session, but I can make recommendations to some great local bakeries.


Do you offer props? You are welcome to use props that are in the studio. However, more delicate props won't be available for cake smashing.

What is included in cake smash setup? For the cake smash setup, I will provide a backdrop from my collection, pennant banner in a color scheme to match session theme and 6 balloons. Balloon arches are available as well; however, more intricate designs may be an additional cost. I like to create setups based on themes or color schemes so feel free to contact me with your ideas!


How do I gift a session? Are you interested in gifting a session or purchasing a gift certificate? You may pay for the session itself or purchase gift certificates in increments of $25. Ready to give the gift of photography?! Click here.


birth Stories | $1650 + Tax

Pregnancy is a very special time. it goes by so fast and flashes before our eyes. Birth stories are the perfect way to document your labor and delivery, all the little details and moments you didn't get to see.  your birth story will include all the best edited images from your labor, delivery and moments after, a 1:30 video and access to a private online gallery. 

When should I schedule? I recommend scheduling scheduling your Birth Story At the end of your first trimester. This is approximately week 12 of your pregnancy


Grow with me | $1685 + Tax

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