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What To Wear Guide

 >> my biggest piece of ‘what to wear’ advice: coordinating is good, matching is bad! You do not want to all be wearing the same color, pattern or outfit! it does NOT photograph well and looks flat. 

>> When you’re figuring out what to wear, start with mom/Females. Yep! Ladies We should pick our outfits first then work everyone else’s’ around what we are wearing. Us gals should feel confident in our outfits choices and that sometimes doesn’t happen when we saves our outfit choice for last. 

>> Think about the season and go with colors that compliment your location and that season. If we’re doing a session in-home, find colors/patterns that compliment your home’s decor).

city couple maternity

>> Neutral colors are a great place to start (gray, cream, brown, khaki, denim/chambray/sage) and build off of. These tend to photograph well in any setting indoors/outdoors and any season. (Thank you Crazy KC Weather!)

>> Coordinating colors/patterns really work the best: I personally love earth tones and and organic colors. Mustard/gold is another favorite that you can never go wrong with! it really photographs well and adds that extra pop to photos.


>> Patterns, textures and layers add dimension. Of course this is season dependent here in KC, but layers and textures can really add an extra bit of detail to your photos!

>> Neon and bright colors can cause color casting onto your skin. Avoid solid vibrant colors and anything with neon.

>> Small lines close together (think tight pinstripes) are a Huge no-no these really do not photograph well and almost add a weird 3D effect to your photos!

autum colors and golden sun for family session
fall leave and couple

>> Jewelry is fantastic accessory but is weather dependent! they are also an easy way to add pop. necklaces, hair accessories, hats, watches, earrings Etc. It’s all in the details! The little things bring flair and just add to your photos. But be carful not to over do it! Sometimes less is more!

family playing in a park

When in doubt, ask me! I’ve been photographing Couples  families and kids for over 7 years and I can absolutely help guide you with outfits or provide insight into what you’ve picked out thus far. I’m always happy to help!

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