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The 101 Things That Are In My Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Okay, okay...I don't really have 101 things in my wedding day kit but these are all items that I highly recommend having for your wedding day!

A wedding day often has many moving parts, We are here, we are there, we are everywhere and the last thing you would need is a fashion or beauty emergency and not having what you need to fix it. Oily makeup, a rip in a dress or suit, hair not staying put, spilling coffee or wine on your pants, random string hanging off your clothes.. All very real things that could happen on a wedding day. Read on to learn more about what I put in my wedding day emergency kit with my list of wedding day emergency kit must haves!


  1. Sewing kit

  2. Crochet needle

  3. Granola bars

  4. Tweezers

  5. Lint Roller

  6. Tide to-go pen

  7. Double-sided fashion tape

  8. Floss

  9. Handheld Fan

  10. Chapstick

  11. Gum

  12. Hairspray

  13. Hairties

  14. Bobby pins

  15. Makeup remover

  16. Oil blotting sheets

  17. Tissues

  18. Sunscreen

  19. Refresh eyedrops

  20. Tylenol

  21. Bug spray

  22. Band-aids

  23. Super glue

  24. Hand sanitizer

  25. Deodorant

  26. Liquid Death Water

  27. Lighter

  28. Type-C charging cable

  29. Charging brick

It may seem like overkill but all of these things help a wedding day go more smoothly and have saved the day more than once!

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